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James Richards

  • Posted on: 05/15/2018

    Should Starbucks acquire Blue Apron?

    Brittain is suggesting that Blue Apron buy a company that makes ready-to-eat meals and sell those meals inside Starbucks stores. Blue Apron meal kits would be available online.
  • Posted on: 05/15/2018

    Should Starbucks acquire Blue Apron?

    I first had to go to the ICON Meals website to understand what Brittain is suggesting and my 2 cents is that the idea is brilliant. Starbucks has been criticized by a large number of analysts for not offering better food options. A search of the internet pulled up several articles calling out Starbucks for their lack of food options with two articles mentioning prepared meals as options for Starbucks. Brittain isn't suggesting that Blue Apron move away from what they're doing today, he is suggesting that Blue Apron diversify into ready-to-eat meals and protein snacks to complement their business model. Why is it hard to imagine Starbucks selling ready-to-eat meals that according to the ICON website, only take 2 minutes to heat in a microwave? How does Starbucks prepare the sandwiches that customers order today? By heating them in a microwave. Brittain is also recommending that Starbucks can acquire Blue Apron and give their customers access to Blue Apron's actual meal kits that customers will prepare on their own. This is Blue Apron's core business and it won't change. I am sitting inside a Starbucks as I write this and sitting beside me are four customers. I showed them the article and the ICON website. My unscientific poll is this: all four customers are in favor of Starbucks buying ICON Meals and selling ready-to-eat meals in their stores. The big surprise is that all four customers want the option to pick up Starbucks original meal kits in the store too. Brittain is on to something with this idea.
  • Posted on: 05/09/2018

    Walmart outbids Amazon for India’s Flipkart

    I see how you state India has the potential to be Walmart's Vietnam but the reasons you listed make it clear that Walmart may find India a difficult environment. I've read your posts before and you always stand out from the crowd. The phrase "Walmart's Vietnam" is classic.
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