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Jeff Allen

Indirect eCommerce Manager
Expert in All Things Amazon. I have introduced over 100 new products on Amazon from Call of Duty accessory products to children’s pillow cases and flash cards. For Webroot I manage over 50 Sponsored Products, Headline Search, and Product Display Amazon Marketing Services campaigns daily. I also run our Amazon Media Group campaigns. I am also an expert in Amazon’s enhanced content A+ platform as well as the Enhanced Brand content platform on Amazon Seller Central. I also run all promotions using marketing vehicles such as Vine, Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, Amazon Business, and Amazon Student.
  • Posted on: 05/20/2019

    Just how big is Amazon’s ethics challenge?

    Same here Scott. Things have been terrible this year for small to medium-sized businesses on Amazon. Before 2019 we were seeing steady 30 percent to 40 percent increases YoY. Now I'm happy to just see flat. We use all of the tools Amazon offers including both internal and external Amazon Advertising, but that doesn't seem to matter. I know Amazon is customer-focused as they should be, but they certainly aren't vendor-focused anymore.
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