Hania Whitfield

Retail Consultant and Marketing Specialist
Hania Whitfield is an experienced retail executive with over 30 years of experience with independent, franchise, and specialty retailers delivering growth, superior financial performance, and customer service excellence. Hania began in retail sales, then quickly moved into management where her retail expertise broadened across general retail to high-end sales and customer service stores. Operations excellence, customer service and troubleshooting skills have earned Hania a reputation as a turnaround specialist. BA Psychology. Based in Metro Atlanta and available to travel. Master Certified Constant Contact Email Marketing Solutions Provider Yext Certified Partner Zenreach Partner
  • Posted on: 12/13/2018

    Retailing success doesn’t depend on silver bullets

    If you take the time to truly understand the new consumer mindset. Interestingly, it is the same mindset our parents and grandparents grew up with -- that of a true shopping "experience." The only difference is that consumers have actually improved sales success by researching first for a more prepared decision, but when it comes down to the purchase, we want the best and most personal experience in the process. Intensive high-end customer service is key to keeping ahead of the competition -- online or physical. Store managers will need to nurture and empower staff, and staff will need to hone their skills in creating loyalty. The busier the consumer becomes, the more significant and valued a "personal shopper" is to enhancing a consumer experience. Once a consumer trusts and enjoys a salesperson to understand and meet their needs, the loyalty follows. But employee turnover must remain very low to cultivate this concept. And that is where management must take responsibility for ensuring the employee experience is also exceptional.
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