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Chief Customer Officer, Incisiv
Weinand is the co-founder and chief customer officer for Incisiv, a consumer industry insights firm that works with the ecosystem of retailers, brands, restaurants and technology providers on benchmarking services, go to market strategy, and content services. Prior to Incisiv, Weinand spent nine years at Edgell Communications/Ensemble IQ in various roles that included GM of the technology portfolio, publisher of RIS News and co-founder of EKN Research.

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  • Posted on: 05/18/2018

    Will store-within-a-store concepts make Hy-Vee’s more attractive destinations?

    The trend is valid for several reasons but the most important one is that it adds to the experience. Consumers want their shopping experience to fit into their definition of convenience, efficiency, empowerment and wholesome lifestyle and for Hy-Vee to tie the Basin & Beauty concept and the Orangetheory concept into their stores is very smart. Of course retailers need to consider how the partnership will add to their brand value vs. just viewing it as a potential revenue driver.
  • Posted on: 05/17/2018

    Walmart drops Scan & Go tech – again

    I think this shows that Scan & Go technology will likely have specific use cases such as smaller and/or simpler (no produce) basket sizes. It doesn't mean it was a failure but retailers testing this technology should consider what percentage of their customers are apt to use this technology in certain use cases and then determine if roll out will deliver strong enough ROI to proceed. I believe this technology has a real place in FMCG and Big Box -- they just have to keep testing.
  • Posted on: 05/16/2018

    Will Target Restock undercut Amazon’s Prime Pantry?

    I find it interesting that the pundits observing the industry are constantly touting the need to change, the need to innovate and the need to test and learn. And when companies like Target continue to introduce new services, we say it's not enough or it's not a game-changer. I don't see one initiative or process that is going to truly change the game at this point. I see it as an iterative series of initiatives that will either better internal processes or enhance the customer experience that will win in the end. Maybe Target won't be pursuing the "beehive" drone fulfillment center Amazon has patented but they are pushing to improve their business and I applaud them for it.
  • Posted on: 05/14/2018

    Is an on-demand workforce heading to retail’s selling floors?

    This trend certainly flies in the face of many of our recent conversations around retailers finally stepping up to better train and retain their in-store associates to deliver on a better customer experience. I would warn retailers against relying too heavily on this model for customer-facing employees and perhaps use these types of services for more back office functions like inventory or re-stocking.
  • Posted on: 05/14/2018

    7-Eleven Launches first augmented reality in-store experience

    For 7-Eleven's primary demographic, this will likely be a strong marketing program for them. However, beyond the initial curiosity of experiencing the AR, the promotion has to deliver value to both the consumer in the form of tangible promotions and with 7-Eleven in the form of increased revenue. Increased foot-traffic is only as good as the percentage increase in conversions.
  • Posted on: 05/10/2018

    Best Buy campaign highlights its ‘insurmountable advantage’ – its people

    Best Buy is right to market its people. Associates and other in-store staff are the people that will drive the experience and that is what will differentiate for the company. Of course, execution is critical as marketing a great customer experience through its people without providing them with the tools and training to enable a great customer experience will be the worst possible outcome. Love the turnaround story and applaud Best Buy for great execution of their Renew Blue strategy.
  • Posted on: 05/10/2018

    DSW’s rewards program includes ‘emotional experiences’

    For the most part, it is standard fare, but I do like the experience based offerings around salon (although at a shoe store, you'd think pedicures would be the natural extension) and shoe repair. That is where the value is being delivered. Where I think they could add more value is to take a page from start-ups like M. Gemi and enable loyalty members to store a fit profile of their favorite brands into their loyalty profile. This would reduce returns and simplify the buying process.
  • Posted on: 05/09/2018

    Walmart outbids Amazon for India’s Flipkart

    Paula, succinct and accurate ... you can drop the mic and walk out of the room....
  • Posted on: 05/07/2018

    Trader Joe’s and Barneys launch podcasts

    Interesting indeed. I like the limited run nature of these podcasts as I'm not sure it's a long term play for retailers. I think in order for these to work, the brand already has to have a strong following and some cachet -- as does Trader Joe's and Barneys. I can't imagine if JC Penney or BJ's launched a podcast, it would get any traction. As already stated, the metrics will be easy to determine and these brands should have some good learnings from the projects.
  • Posted on: 05/07/2018

    Shake Shack ends cashless experiment

    Who does it serve best going 100% cashless? The organization. Not necessarily the customer. We know that at the end of the day the customer wants what the customer wants and as we write about every day in this forum, retailers need to cater to these wants. The convenience of cashless may be of value to some but as the article states, some see it as more convenient to give an order to a cashier. When customizing an order, I certainly have found more friction in a kiosk than just giving the order to a cashier. The cashless movement will continue to march forward, but especially with formats like QSR, the service element of a cashier should not be eliminated entirely.
  • Posted on: 05/04/2018

    New Brookstone concept brings makers to the mall

    Yes. That's what Macy's is doing for The Market. They are localizing assortment. It adds to the uniqueness of the concept, for sure.
  • Posted on: 05/04/2018

    New Brookstone concept brings makers to the mall

    Love it. It's a hot trend that they can hopefully leverage. Look at B8ta, The Market at Macy's, Target's Open House -- all leverage the same idea of curating interesting independent products that create an experience. This is all about marketing. Brookstone needs to hold special events and even off-site evening events to position themselves as a leader in the product innovation space.
  • Posted on: 05/04/2018

    Has Victoria’s Secret become a casualty of the #MeToo movement?

    As a guy, I feel kinda weird replying to this but we just did some work in this arena so here goes -- Victoria's Secret's woes are less about the #MeToo movement and more about the trends around body image and "truth in advertising" (i.e. unretouched). Today's consumer wants to own their image and there is backlash of the portrayal of the ideal female form as being a size 0 with a D cup. As noted, Aerie has done a nice job of marketing more natural and realistic looking women and as I can attest from my 18 year old daughter's preferences, it's working. VS would be smart to introduce a line with the more natural portrayal of women.
  • Posted on: 05/03/2018

    Macy’s latest acquisition is all about STORYtelling

    I know most of the coverage STORY gets is about the experience it creates. What I actually find more impressive is that STORY has been able to get large brands like GE and Blue Cross/Blue Shield to pony up money to actually pay for the curated experiences. As Macy's continues to roll out its Market concept, I think Rachel can essentially turn that into a rolling story (since the vendors are only there three to six months at a time) that a big brand will pay to be a part of. Lot's of opportunity here.
  • Posted on: 04/27/2018

    Is $119 too much to pay for an Amazon Prime membership?

    It appears unanimous that consumers will pony up the extra $20. The only comment to add is that with the Amazon broadcast programming included with Prime, it's still a no-brainer.

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