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Vice President of Marketing, BRP
David has more than 20 years of experience marketing to retail and hospitality companies. His broad marketing experience is focused on designing and executing successful strategic marketing plans, demand generation, public relations and branding through customer-centric messaging. He has significant experience marketing retail technology and services at Retek (acquired by Oracle), Fujitsu, ParTech and BRP Consulting. To learn more, visit:
  • Posted on: 12/14/2018

    Does Starbucks have a big delivery opportunity?

    I am sure there are some people that want coffee delivered to their home or offices, but I think the demand is low for this. The exception is when you are making a big order for a group of people or for a meeting, when a box of coffee often makes more sense. Delivery execution and stimulating demand are equally as challenging. While it is good to offer consumers choices and options, I think there are better things for Starbucks to focus on, like faster service. Long lines inside and in the drive-thru is a bigger challenge for Starbucks.
  • Posted on: 12/13/2018

    Will the maker movement inspire a new creative direction for malls?

    The Rose & Loon's "makers" approach to retail appeals to a growing trend -- shopping local and the desire for unique/original products. This is another example of the retail renaissance that is revitalizing stores and malls. The definition of retail is evolving as retailers and malls are trying new models and concepts ranging from stores within a store, pop-ups, subscription services, customized products, experiential shopping, innovative shopping tools to cashier-less stores. Many malls have been struggling to keep tenants and attract shoppers and the winners will be the ones that find creative ways to reinvent the shopping experience to adapt to evolving customer expectations.
  • Posted on: 12/12/2018

    Kraft Heinz ‘embraced failure’ in digital transformation

    "Create a culture that celebrates failure" is a great concept to encourage employees to take more risks. The challenge is for companies to "walk the talk." It is easy to say that the company embraces failures to spur innovation, but will they actually change employee policies and process to support this approach?
  • Posted on: 12/11/2018

    Will ‘Practice’ make for perfectly loyal customers at Lululemon?

    The new Lululemon loyalty program looks like a winner. Lululemon has some very passionate fans and the loyalty program has great perks for a very low annual price. With the inclusion one free pair of pants or shorts, access to yoga and fitness classes and free shipping in the $96 USD annual fee, it seems too good to be true.
  • Posted on: 12/10/2018

    Walmart wants your walls

    Walmart continues to surprise and impress the retail industry with it acquisition binge and continued testing of new concepts and technology. The addresses two objectives for Walmart: continued expansion of home decor products and adding brands that may expand its customer base. With acquisitions like Moosejaw, Modcloth and Bonobos, and now, customers that are fans of the brands may be more open and receptive to shopping at Walmart as their brand perceptions gets shaped by its portfolio of brands. What's next, Walmart?
  • Posted on: 12/06/2018

    Walmart: Floor cleaning robots will give associates more time to serve customers

    No, I don't see how scrubbing robots will positively improve the customer experience. These robots are very expensive and they are a replacement for employees. Walmart can't maintain the same staffing levels and invest heavily in incremental costs for robots. From a public perception perspective, retailers claim that investments in automation like self-service and robots will allow them to shift staff from repetitive tasks to customer-facing value added services. However, in reality, they can't afford to to that. We will continue to see retailers infuse more automation in the store at the expense of jobs.
  • Posted on: 12/05/2018

    The RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: Pier 1 Imports vs. TJX Companies

    While the Pier 1 ads are funny with the awkward hug, I don't think it will drive much traffic to their stores for holiday shopping. The TJX Companies ads do a great job of sparking ideas for gifts and increase the awareness of their brands as a destination for holiday gifts. Many people may not think of the TJX retail brands for gift shopping, so featuring great gift ideas may increase the number of consumers that add these stores to their list of destinations for holiday shopping. The TJX ads are the winner in this challenge!
  • Posted on: 12/04/2018

    Are subscriptions an untapped gifting opportunity for retailers?

    It's the gift that keeps on giving. Subscription services are a hot trend and new companies are popping up every week and they are growing at a galactic pace. Consumers like the surprise of getting something new every month and it is an awesome idea for gifts, as the recipient will remember the gift giver every month. Traditional retailers will be developing their own subscription services and may outsource the "service" part of it to a third-party subscriptions service company. I see an opportunity for companies that develop efficient process for subscription services and offer it to many retailers.
  • Posted on: 12/03/2018

    Payless scores with mock-up luxury shop

    This is a brilliant way to use a candid approach for customer testimonials. It was "priceless!" What other retailers can take away from this marketing strategy is the power of "authentic" customer testimonials. This could also be accomplished in a much less expensive manner by using video focus groups of consumers choosing between two shoes that are very similar (an expensive one and a Payless one).
  • Posted on: 11/27/2018

    Can online unboxing videos turn Walmart into ‘America’s Best Toy Shop?’

    Shopping for toys has changed a lot since I was a kid. I remember browsing thick catalogs from Sears, Penney's and Wards and folding down corners for my wish list. The Walmart Toy Lab will provide entertainment for kid and increase their excitement for their favorite toys. These immersive, interactive video experiences can be used for other products beyond toys such as cooking products (following recipes) cosmetics, and other items that are complex or very visual. Consumers like the theater of shopping and this a great way to bring product to life.
  • Posted on: 11/26/2018

    Are Black Friday results a sign of Christmas 2018 things to come?

    There is nothing too surprising about the Black Friday results, as it aligns with economic and shopping trends. With a strong economy, minus the stock market, of low unemployment and reasonable gas prices, consumers are likely to spend more this holiday season. And the continued increases in online and mobile shopping is consistent what we have seen over the past few years. Looks like it will be a good holiday season for retailers.
  • Posted on: 11/20/2018

    The RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: Big Lots vs. Dick’s Sporting Goods

    From an emotional and nostalgic perspective, the Dick's ad has a much stronger connection with shoppers. I grew up with a ping pong table and our family found other uses for our table are we got older. It sure brings back memories. While I enjoyed the commercial, I think I would have to see it several times before I remembered it was from Dick's and it doesn't compel me to do my holiday shopping at Dicks. The Big Lots commercial is not as creative, but it is more practical -- the joy of saving money. This commercial would be more influential on my choice of stores for holiday shopping.
  • Posted on: 11/19/2018

    Why is Bloomingdale’s selling major appliances?

    Department stores are looking for creative ways to increase shopper visits and profits. Many department stores have added mattresses to their product offerings, as this has been a hot product category (e.g., Target selling Casper mattresses). Appliances may be the next hot product category that is attracting department store. Like mattresses, appliances probably have attractive profit margins, which can help improve store profitability.
  • Posted on: 11/16/2018

    RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: Amazon vs. Best Buy

    I think both brands do a good job of connecting with their customers, but have very different approaches. Amazon is appealing to consumers emotions and the feeling we get when we see an Amazon package outside our door. It is feeling of excitement and the iconic Amazon package reinforces the feeling. The commercial is good, but I think it gets very repetitive and the message could have been delivered in a 30 second commercial. I guess Amazon has money to burn. They Best Buy commercials appeal to consumers desire to save time by making shopping easier. Personally, I think this is a more compelling message that may change consumers shopping decisions to add Best Buy to their list of stores to shop.
  • Posted on: 11/14/2018

    What’s missing from everyday fashion rental subscription services?

    Subscription rental programs don't seem to make sense for everyday clothing. As Nikki mentioned, there is no excitement and the value proposition is not compelling. For everyday clothing, fast fashion and off-price retailers now offer consumers very inexpensive options for basic apparel. In some cases, it is so reasonably priced that consumers can just wear a garment a few times and discard or donate and buy something new. This allows them to keep their wardrobe fresh without having to wear and item that has been worn by someone else. Subscription rental programs make total sense for luxury brands and apparel items for special occasions. I suspect the everyday clothing brand rental services mentioned above may be short-lived.

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