David Naumann

Marketing Strategy Lead - Retail, Travel & Distribution, Verizon

David has more than 20 years of experience marketing to retail and hospitality companies. His broad marketing experience is focused on designing and executing successful strategic marketing plans, demand generation, public relations and branding through customer-centric messaging.

Prior to joining Verizon to lead its marketing strategy for retail, hospitality and travel, David held marketing leadership roles at retail technology companies including: Cogent Creative Consulting, enVista, BRP Consulting, ParTech, Fujitsu and Retek (acquired by Oracle).

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  • Posted on: 05/13/2021

    Has augmented reality tech reached an inflection point at retail?

    During the pandemic, many retailers made significant advances in implementing AR applications to enable shoppers to virtually try on or test merchandise. As more consumers experience AR applications for product evaluation, way-finding and entertainment, AR will become an expected service for many retail segments.
  • Posted on: 05/12/2021

    Will going low lift up Bed Bath & Beyond’s sales and profits?

    As evidenced by the tremendous success of off-price and dollar store retail segments, value pricing has a strong appeal for consumers. The Simply Essential value priced line at Bed Bath & Beyond should be a successful strategy, as it may increase the customer base with more value-conscious shoppers.
  • Posted on: 05/11/2021

    Simon CEO says Americans are experiencing ‘euphoria’ as they return to malls

    With the significant increase in vaccinations and the loosening of mask restrictions, consumers are excited for the social aspect of shopping. Consumers are excited to return to "normal" social interactions. However, we must not forget that malls were on a downward trend even before the pandemic and will face the same issues during post-pandemic shopping. The anticipated "roaring '20s" won't be a silver bullet to solve the declining traffic at malls.
  • Posted on: 05/10/2021

    Why is omnichannel sales attribution still a problem?

    Very good points Perry. There are many issues to consider and there is no perfect or fair solution.
  • Posted on: 05/10/2021

    Why is omnichannel sales attribution still a problem?

    There is no silver bullet to solve the sales attribution problem. Some brands have moved to a blended market approach that evaluates stores and online collectively based on the regional location or proximity of stores and customers' home address for online purchases. However this does not solve the issue where a sales associate assisted a customer that later buys anonymously online or scan and pays via their phone.
  • Posted on: 05/07/2021

    Walmart is going all in on 24/7/365 telehealth

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry accelerated the adoption of telehealth to offer greater access to care, provide more flexibility for providers and patients, improve safety and extend the reach of services available. As more patients use virtual care services, they will appreciate the convenience and may begin to expect it for routine services that can be done just as effectively as a physical visit to a clinic. From a retail health services perspective, telehealth is a value-added service for customers and retailers with health services will likely follow Walmart's lead.
  • Posted on: 05/07/2021

    What digital tools can help manage increasingly disrupted supply chains?

    All of the digital capabilities are beneficial to improving the efficiencies of supply chains; however I think IoT and robotics will see a significant increase in adoption in the next few years. With new innovations and reduced costs of RFID and other technology the ROI on IoT and robotics is becoming very compelling.
  • Posted on: 05/06/2021

    Will a new subscription program make Circle K a daily stop for members?

    Many consumers love a great deal and if a Circle K is on your daily path, the unlimited monthly cups of coffee, tea, Froster slushie or Polar Pop fountain drink is a bargain. Circle K should see a boost to store visits and other purchases, because if consumers see their beverage as nearly free, they may opt for an impulse food purchase while in the store. Coffee, tea and fountain beverages have very high margins so this is a smart strategy that will likely be a big success.
  • Posted on: 05/05/2021

    Is the future of retail being cooked up in a lab?

    Sustainability is a growing concern among consumers. If the artificially produced products (diamonds) are of similar quality to the real thing and the price is a fraction of the cost, consumers will accept and buy these products. "Lab-grown meats" are going to be harder for consumers to accept. Many people will be concerned with the safety of alternative meat products that are not naturally produced. If lab-grown meats are proven to be safe and healthy, it could significantly reduce the environmental impact of producing meat.
  • Posted on: 05/04/2021

    Kroger takes flight with drone delivery test

    Great idea!
  • Posted on: 05/04/2021

    Kroger takes flight with drone delivery test

    Solving the last mile of delivery for grocery is the Holy Grail. Leading grocers and other convenience retailers are testing and piloting several options to identify a better way to get products to consumers faster and more cost effectively. Drones manned by humans seems expensive, but it is probably a good way to test the feasibility of the concept until more innovative technology is available. Delivering products to wherever customers are is a compelling proposition and it will be a customer expectation in the future.
  • Posted on: 05/03/2021

    Do retailers have to catch up to Amazon’s logistics powerhouse?

    Amazon realized early that speed of delivery is a huge differentiator and they have taken bold steps to optimize their supply chain. Unless you are very large chain, it isn't feasible to invest in your own transportation network and you have to rely on the major carriers. FedEX, UPS and other carriers are essentially the competition to Amazon and accelerating delivery speed and maybe even expanding into warehouse services for multiple retailers could make them more competitive. Amazon has a huge advantage that is difficult to replicate.
  • Posted on: 04/30/2021

    7-Eleven spending $70M to promote the convenience of its new tech

    7-Eleven just recently opened a store in our small town in Washington state and it was a big deal. I have received numerous mobile marketing ads that promote online ordering and delivery. It is taking the convenience of convenience stores to a new level. While it isn't a draw for me, it will appeal to some consumers that need something urgently and don't have time to drive to the store. One of the biggest challenges has been, and will be, to get franchisees on board.
  • Posted on: 04/29/2021

    Will Americans open their garages and homes to Amazon and Walmart?

    Allowing Amazon and Walmart to deliver products in garages or in the home is a mixed bag for consumers. Some consumers will really enjoy the convenience and appreciate that their goods will not be at risk from "porch pirates." However there is another group of consumers that are more cynical and are not comfortable with strangers entering their garage or home. This group will be a hard sell to convince them that it is safe.
  • Posted on: 04/23/2021

    Will Americans go shopping for dressier clothes as the COVID-19 threat is reduced?

    There is definitely a pent-up desire for socialization and social events. Prior to the pandemic, the fashion trends had already accelerated to a more casual approach to apparel. I don't see a big shift back to more formal or dressy attire for socialization or work environments. However most people will at least ditch the sweat pants and t-shirts and pick it up a notch for public social interactions.

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