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David Marcotte Kantar

Senior Vice President Cross-Border | Cross-Industry | Technology
20 years in operational management in retail, 10 years large data solutions IBM, 10 years Kantar doing complex process analysis and consulting.
  • Posted on: 07/06/2020

    Will Wegmans need a post-pandemic makeover?

    Wegmans has survived a range of disasters in the last 100 years, but never a pandemic. But they very much understand a broad range of shoppers reflected in their Northern New York roots along with recessions and depressions which oddly no one here mentions. In that context they are looking at highly uncertain and near impossible couple of years to forecast all of their financials. So cutting back on almost all variables that add up to cash-on-hand while be critical for them to survive in a period that defies planning. I sincerely doubt that in the surrounding chaos they will lose any of their brand equity or competitive positioning by eliminating SKUs that for the time being represent frozen and unproductive capital. Once something resembling predictable (dare call it normal?!) returns, they will shift back into the hybrid retailer we all admire.
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