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  • Posted on: 10/26/2020

    Where are curbside and BOPIS services falling short?

    I've been using Walmart curbside pick-up for groceries since it first became available in my area (Hudson, FL) and have noticed something new recently. Not to be confused with "Out of stock" the new designation is "Not available for curbside pick-up." I've contacted Walmart and spoke to a rep and was unable to get an explanation, in fact, the rep was not even aware of this new designation and had to go to their website to see it himself. These items are available in the store and until recently, at the curbside. For instance, you can get Great Value canned tomatoes but not Great Value stewed tomatoes, same can (weight, size), in stock and side by side on the shelf? This new designation is now common enough throughout their whole grocery website as to make you question the value of curbside pick-up, considering that you will eventually be forced to enter a store, Walmart or not, to acquire those items.
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