Dave Wendland

Vice President, Strategic RelationsHamacher Resource Group

Bringing more than 25 years marketing and business development experience to the organization, Dave is responsible for strategic, partner development, and trade relations activities for the organization. In addition he works closely with the company’s marketing, business development, and national account teams to strengthen client relationships and enhance product value. Dave is also the primary architect and leader of the company’s Collaborative Strategy Sessions conducted on behalf of clients looking to extend their market reach, discover new opportunities, or plan future products.

Recognized for his retail expertise, Dave’s insights and forward-thinking make him a sought-after speaker and author. Delivering more than 20 presentations each year and authoring more than 50 articles and blogs, his passion for helping organizations realize their potential is evident.

Dave joined Hamacher in 1992 after having operated a California-based marketing firm. Dave graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a Communications and Marketing degree.

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Behind the Shelf (blog)

Dave Wendland is a 25+ year veteran of the consumer packaged goods industry and is passionate about optimizing the consumer experience across the retail supply chain. He is a member of HRG's senior management team and owners group. Dave is also a sought-after speaker for industry conferences and corporate events.
  • Posted on: 08/14/2018

    ‘Less is more’ when competing with Amazon

    Yes -- less is more! For any brick-and-mortar retailer who is not purposefully examining the relevance of their assortment to their customer base, their road is not only rocky it is dangerous. Last week I presented on this topic during an ECRM event in Phoenix -- here's the post interview. My message was simple. Ensure that 1.) the assortment curated properly; 2.) it is aligned with the retail mission; and 3) the team is well-prepared. Very similar to Chris' views and comments.
  • Posted on: 08/13/2018

    Hy-Vee opens fitness-focused grocery store concept

    Absolutely Jane. As we've recently discussed, the self care movement is gaining steam every day. Exciting time to be in the health and wellness space.
  • Posted on: 08/13/2018

    Hy-Vee opens fitness-focused grocery store concept

    Smart. On point. Thoughtful. Timely. And these are just a few of the adjectives I would use to applaud this move. Congratulations to Hy-Vee for pushing the envelope to be relevant to today's shopper. And to Orangetheory for recognizing the gap to be filled. Eager to see this expanded further.
  • Posted on: 07/30/2018

    Will RadioShack find new life inside HobbyTown’s stores?

    Just as a phoenix may rise from the ashes, the goal of RadioShack soaring once again is remote. For those familiar with my views of retail, you know that I'm a huge fan of pop-up stores and that I'm often inspired by collaborations that enhance the value of two or more entities. My challenge with RadioShack Express is one of relatability. The image of RadioShack is dated. The term "radio" is no longer relevant to shoppers. And the recognition and identity value it brings to HobbyTown is very limited. Now I'm not saying that the types of products stocked by RadioShack are not relevant to HobbyTown shoppers. My issue is with the naming and the association with the failed RadioShack model. Why not take this opportunity to reinvent and to re-stage rather than to regurgitate?
  • Posted on: 07/26/2018

    Study: Online retailers losing billions in sales to out-of-stocks

    This is indeed a legitimate problem for online retailers -- despite the theoretical silver lining referenced in this article. I'll be discussing this and other inventory issues at the upcoming ECRM Healthcare conference. Managing availability across the supply chain (whether online or brick-and-mortar) has been an age-old problem for retail. With expansive inventories offered online this problem is further accentuated and, yes, it is a significant issue affecting shopper satisfaction, retail experience and loyalty.
  • Posted on: 07/18/2018

    Will Kroger’s new app make customers healthier than those who shop at rivals?

    Although many of my esteemed RetailWire colleagues are suggesting lackluster uptake on this new app, I personally applaud Kroger's efforts to offer "better for you" guidance and I believe it will resonate with shoppers. However, to remain relevant and ensure its use, Kroger must commit to ongoing enhancement, enrichment and innovation. Assuming Kroger devotes the resources and investment to market the app, build its value and incorporate it as a vital building block to the shopper experience, I believe it will prove to be a wise launch.
  • Posted on: 07/17/2018

    Walmart and Microsoft team up to slow Amazon’s roll

    Make no mistake, every move that a traditional retailer makes today has something to do with Amazon. I applaud Walmart's willingness to look for common ground and align with another industry leader such as Microsoft. I believe more relationships will emerge (they must!) to effectively compete in an ever-changing market. With or without gaining an edge over Amazon, it is imperative that every retailer step out of their comfort zone and make strategic decisions -- and alignments -- for their future and to better serve their customers.
  • Posted on: 07/11/2018

    Is your culture your brand?

    Jeff Bezos has been quoted as saying, "Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room." I believe the same is true of a company's unique culture. A description of culture can not simply be hung on a wall plaque or appear in a statement on a website in hopes that employees (and customers) will understand. Culture is experiential and emotional. With that as my reference point, brands must meld with culture. The same emotional devotion should exude from the brand and all it stands for. Incongruence may lead to brand mistrust, identity crisis and waning loyalty.
  • Posted on: 06/29/2018

    Will Amazon’s PillPack acquisition disrupt the retail pharmacy business?

    Yes, and it already has (just review stock values for the big retailers and healthcare distributors). Amazon is masterful with test-and-learn and the direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical distribution model was overdue for disruption and dose-packing is underdeveloped in the U.S. compared to other developed countries. Those that had a false sense of security a month ago when Amazon announced a pull-back on medical device distribution (which was hospital-focused) need to re-invent themselves in a hurry to remain relevant in a market that is about to transform with vigor.
  • Posted on: 06/19/2018

    Best Buy makes health and wellness tech a strategic priority

    Brilliant and on the road to widespread acceptance. Best Buy's emphasis on health and wellness and its Assured Living IoT is well-timed, well-constructed and all about wellness. For any organization (retailer or supplier) not thinking about the implications of technology and health alignment with their value proposition, they may be missing an opportunity. I've been quoted as saying that ALL companies can be positioned as part of the health continuum -- Best Buy is demonstrating how.
  • Posted on: 06/04/2018

    Can department stores be reinvented with a pop-up approach?

    I'm definitely a fan of popups, food halls, and communal use of space. If department stores can thoughtfully and eloquently incorporate imaginative offerings into their wide-open buildings, I believe consumers will respond favorably. The keys to success will be resonance, relevance and reward. I like the concept of Neighborhood Goods for its connection to the community, its revolving assortment strategy and the excitement and vibe such an offering should create.
  • Posted on: 05/25/2018

    Convenience is king as new-gen vending units add meal kits

    Yes! Although there are logistical challenges like Neil Saunders and Richard George both pointed out, the convenience factor and appeal of meal kits have the ingredients of a winning venture. Properly placed (and priced!), I suspect this to perform well and fill a nice market niche.
  • Posted on: 05/24/2018

    Is excess space behind retail’s shrink and customer experience problems?

    Interesting premise that larger format retailers may be contributing to theft. There are many other ways to thwart theft that involve technology, controlled access displays, etc. so I believe this challenge could be effectively overcome. On the other hand, I definitely agree that the consumer experience -- and lack of available staff -- has greatly diminished the consumer experience. And that smaller format stores with well-trained and friendly, accessible staff give these retailers an edge over the bigger box operators. If brick-and-mortar is to remain relevant to shoppers, there are three things I would advocate for: 1.) EXPERIENCE -- there has to be an advantage of going to a physical store and it has to delight shoppers (think Wegmans or Ulta Beauty); 2.) EXPERTISE -- whether with in-store staff readily available to help consumers navigate purchases or technology-enabled solutions, information must be at a shopper's fingertips; and 3.) EXPECTATIONS -- assortments that appropriately meet the needs of the intended shopper has become essential. Relevance matters!
  • Posted on: 05/14/2018

    Is American Patients First good for retail pharmacies?

    I applaud the President's intent and commitment. Although it could go even farther. As a first step, the elements favorably address escalating prescription prices and provide more access to consumer healthcare products (over-the-counter medicines). On the Rx side, patients may increase adherence to their drug regimen which is good for the retail side of the equation and the overall health of our nation. Moving products more quickly through the FDA for approval will also bode well at retail and for consumers who want to personally manage their journeys to stay well, get better, live vitally with chronic conditions and/or care for loved ones.
  • Posted on: 04/25/2018

    Why brands need to use Amazon to acquire customers

    Amazon is another channel of distribution that requires retail management and engagement like any other retailer. It is also often the first search engine for consumers. So, absence limits sales. That said, brands should not put all of their eggs in this basket -- brick-and-mortar remains relevant to millions, a brand's own website is a legitimate channel if managed properly and other e-commerce initiatives generally make sense. Each of these spokes on the brand marketing wheel must contain consistent brand information and message continuity. Believe me, it's more than a full-time job!

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