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  • Posted on: 07/11/2019

    Is Nordstrom staring at a ‘no-growth’ retail future?

    Mark is on the money again - Nordstrom needs to get back to their roots. Nordstrom delivers premium goods with premium service better than anyone. This is why they've succeeded and it is what will help them succeed going forward. Nordstrom has taken a modern spin on their premium services with their high-end click-and-collect service - this is a move in the right direction. As an avid Nordstrom fan and customer, the solution is simple. Nordstrom needs to educate consumers on their services. I frequently tell associates in my demographic, which I believe to be one of Nordstrom's key demographics, that personal shopping services are complete free. That's right: call Nordstrom, connect with a personal shopper, tell them what you want at the budget you want, show up at a designated time to a fitting room filled with items to meet your needs, pick what you want, pay, leave. Efficient. Effective. Brilliant service. Through simple education around their current business model and services, Nordstrom can drive better financial results. After educating the audience who is more familiar with Nordstrom (the easier lift), step two is to educate young up-and-comers.
  • Posted on: 07/08/2019

    Is Walmart at an online crossroads?

    What Mark said. Walmart is gaining share right now (they're up 0.7 percent in overall e-commerce), but they need to gain share faster to combat Amazon. The only way for Walmart to compete and accelerate their online growth is to change the game. They're focused on reducing costs in the middle mile. This is a good start. Walmart needs to remember that they are the OG "category killer." They have a playbook of how they crushed markets in the '80s. It's time to dig into the vault and look at what worked in combating their local market domination and what didn't. Digital is different, but it's time for Walmart to leverage their massive profitable retail footprint to change the game.
  • Posted on: 06/21/2019

    Strong women execs: be ‘authentic’, just don’t be yourself

    I need to use the term "clickbait" more.
  • Posted on: 06/21/2019

    Strong women execs: be ‘authentic’, just don’t be yourself

    Amen, Paula. The fact that the conversation still needs to happen is embarrassing. The majority of my career was spent in the middle management roles this KPMG study focuses on. It was when I started owning my own leadership style - and really, who I am in it's entirety - that the world of being an executive opened up. Based on what I've seen, men go through the same transformation in life. So in my experience, authentically owning my style has helped me excel. I don't view my style as "female." My goal is to be seen as a leader who is communicative, fair, decisive, and passionate with an extremely clear vision.
  • Posted on: 06/20/2019

    Will autonomous vans help Walmart win the middle mile logistics race?

    It's margin warfare out there, so the middle mile is extremely significant. Autonomous vehicles will be used within the near future - they're already being used. The real question is, when will autonomous vehicles and the businesses using them reach the point where they're so much more cost-efficient that it outweighs the financial risk of having no human ride along?
  • Posted on: 06/20/2019

    Kroger sees rivals’ one-hour delivery and raises it a half hour

    There has to be a caveat - surely there's requisite time to fill the basket. Kroger is an innovator and the tech they're bringing into their stores is no only smart, it shows they have a comprehensive understanding of the transformation retail is currently undergoing. The path to having seamless shopping experiences is something every retailer should have a strategy for. That said, it has to be within reason. I'm currently having flashbacks to bad PR around pizza deliveries causing car accidents in the '80s.
  • Posted on: 06/20/2019

    Do direct-to-consumer digital brands have advantages over traditional retailers?

    Oliver nails the strength: customer data. Having a comprehensive understanding of their customers is a definitive advantage over traditional retailers. Digital buying has evolved customer expectation to being a tailor-made experience. DTC wins there.
  • Posted on: 06/12/2019

    Has Barnes & Noble found its savior(s)?

    This is what I keep coming back to, Jeff. It's a seemingly unlikely investment strategy for a hedge fund. Definitely will be interesting to watch it play out.
  • Posted on: 06/12/2019

    What does FedEx’s break with Amazon mean?

    I'm right there with you, Mark. There's more to this and I look forward to the unfolding. As it currently stands, the numbers and rationale don't make sense to me.
  • Posted on: 06/12/2019

    Kroger is high on the CBD sales opportunity

    CBD in retail is expected to be a $22B business by 2022. Retailers who aren't already making moves to take advantage of this $22B opportunity have missed the boat. Private label CBD is mere moments behind major retailers stocking CBD products. I've already seen a few private labels, but not at major retailers.
  • Posted on: 06/12/2019

    Has Barnes & Noble found its savior(s)?

    Under the ownership of Readerlink, Barnes & Noble is integrated into the supply chain, thereby minimizing overhead and maximizing margin. In theory, this will be better for the bottom line. As an eternal optimist and bookstore lover, I am hopeful in the idea that Elliott wants to make Barnes & Noble a destination. Cultural hubs are the evolution/store-of-the-future, so they have the right vision. If Readerlink acquires Barnes & Noble, I think the store will become more streamlined and mechanized. If Elliott acquires, I expect we will see Barnes & Noble transform into the destinations Daunt envisions. I'm excited to see either opportunity play out for Barnes & Noble.
  • Posted on: 06/10/2019

    Who still thinks one-size-fits-all mannequins make sense?

    As someone who's always been plus size, it's still bizarre for me to walk into a store and see mannequins that have bodies that resemble mine. It always makes me do a double-take and I usually end up buying a new piece of clothing -- because I know that the "plus" sizes are actually plus and I know what the clothes are going to look like on me! To answer the question of why it took so long: overweight is viewed as taboo, but it's changing. Healthy and large is OK. Will plus-size mannequins be commonplace? Absolutely. More audience inclusion, with minimal footprint impact, means more sales.
  • Posted on: 06/10/2019

    Should CMOs be more prevalent on retail boards?

    Nikki is right on the money. Having marketers as voices of customer advocacy on a board is a long-term play that will pay off. Own the customer's heart and mind, and you will also own their wallet.
  • Posted on: 06/03/2019

    Will the price of avocados make Americans say enough to Trump’s tariffs?

    To add to Dave's comment, he's absolutely right. Grocers and food service will be hit the hardest and there's no short-term way to alleviate that pain. Current estimates are that we will see a minimum of 25 percent price increases on Mexico-produced goods within 2019. The very nature of food production is not something that can go faster (at least, I am not in support of any additional genetic modifications of plant and animals to make this happen). Long-term, if U.S. businesses are willing to invest in CapEx now, there will potentially be relief within a year or two. Retailers should be looking for ways to minimize and absorb the price increases that are coming.
  • Posted on: 06/03/2019

    Experience is overrated, hire talent

    Nikki hits on an opportunity for retailers to gain an edge on the competition - Gallup data shows the better the training, the more engaged and effective employees will be. This is an opportunity for retailers to hire the right cultural fit, so they can leverage the power of brand ambassadors.

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