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Bagrat Safarian

CEO & Co-Founder, LocalExpress
Bagrat Sarafian is co-founder and CEO of Local Express, a turnkey e-commerce solution provider for grocery and food retailers that has been founded in 2017 and now has more the 50 stores working on its platform. Bagrat has background in investment banking, private equity and consulting, and has experience launching or being a principal investor in several startup companies in fintech, IT and engineering. His key areas of expertise include including financial management, early stage entrepreneurship and strategy execution. Bagrat had several cross-border advisory and C level operational roles in the companies in financial services, industrial manufacturing, IT and technologies. Bagrat holds an MBA from University of Southern California and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Armenian Polytechnic University.
  • Posted on: 01/22/2020

    Has BOPIS changed holiday selling?

    BOPIS is a great option for many shoppers, especially those who prefer the convenience of having others select their dry goods but still want to select their own produce, meat and other fresh items. And retailers are getting very creative with the process by offering cross merchandised items and other specials right at the point of pick up. We’ve just scratched to surface of the potential for merchandising BOPIS.
  • Posted on: 12/24/2019

    Is BOPIS over its growing pains?

    The key for retailers is not just to make BOPIS efficient and profitable, but to make ALL online transactions efficient and profitable because shoppers want multiple fulfillment options. One week they may want to pick up the order and the next week they want a delivery. And the retailer needs to know the shopper’s preference in each case so they can cross-merchandise and build out profitable recommendations.
  • Posted on: 11/06/2019

    Should the recent Instacart strike concern retailers?

    This situation shows conclusively that retailers need to have multiple options for the order delivery services. But while things like strikes prove the point, the need for more than one option arises from the cost prospective as well. Last mile delivery cost still makes online grocery a premium product, therefore having access to multiple delivery options an online grocer will be able to quote reliable and cost efficient service to its client!
  • Posted on: 11/01/2019

    Survey says consumers want online orders shipped fast and free

    Amazon is again playing the long game. They know competing retailers will eventually need to either charge for the delivery service or raise prices, which may alienate customers visiting the stores. There are a few holes in the Amazon strategy that traditional retailers can take advantage of, like value adds for coming into the store and loyalty incentives for building market basket size.
  • Posted on: 10/30/2019

    Will free deliveries for Prime members make Amazon the driving force in online grocery?

    This is all very tactical. Amazon is in this for the long run, slowly chipping away at food shopper digital inhibitions while addressing the competition at every point. We’ll see more of these two steps forward, one step back moves in the coming months and years while Amazon gets the process just right for the majority of its customers.
  • Posted on: 10/21/2019

    Is e-grocery less convenient than shopping in stores?

    The big challenge for digital is creating the sense of excitement and that tactile, even olfactory, element of the physical store. Shoppers can’t smell the baked goods online, nor can they feel a ripe avocado. Equally important to many is the human interaction that is limited online. What physical stores selling online do have as an advantage is a base of these elements to work from. Transferring the experience from brick-and-mortar to digital isn’t easy, but when it works it can keep sales at that retailer and even grow them.
  • Posted on: 10/14/2019

    Is BOPIS a good fit for Dollar General?

    BOPIS could work for deep discounters, but they need to design their digital platform differently than Amazon or Walmart. It needs to have the “voice” of the store embedded in the design and content. Prices should be the focus and a “compare with the competition” graphic would be very effective. If their sites are too close to others players, they will quickly get lost in the shuffle.
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