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Adam herman

  • Posted on: 03/31/2021

    Where will ‘disruptive innovation’ take the retail business?

    Disruptive innovation is more than simply applying the latest technology to solve a problem or advance a solution. It is a joint mindset between consumer and retailer, where each pushes each other to evolve in the selling and buying of goods and services. COVID-19 has certainly accelerated these approaches enabling consumers to buy when and where it is more convenient (or adheres to social distancing practices). For instance, BOPIS has been around for years, but neither consumers nor retailers had the need to make it as widely accessible or practical until they needed to. This disruptive innovation could only succeed when both parties realized the need and value to implement.
  • Posted on: 11/17/2017

    Indie retailers can survive – even thrive – during the holidays

    I think Karen Herman's three suggestions are spot on. Most importantly, they are the type of low cost/high yield marketing ideas that nearly any small to mid-size indie can easily implement. They range from tech-driven to old school community involvement. While extremely difficult to compete with big box retailers and Amazon, indies have an advantage of being niche, community retailers that people still enjoying shopping. AmEx has recognized this through their Shop Small Saturday initiative and these indie retailers would benefit greatly by taking advantage of this opportunity.
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