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Tuesday, December 10, 2013
12:00 PM Eastern Time
60 minutes

Lisa Fretwell - Senior Director, Internet of Everything Practice Lead, EMEAR, Cisco Consulting Services


Paul Schottmiller - Senior Partner, Retail, Cisco Consulting Services 

James Tenser - Principal, VSN Strategies

Mark Price - Managing Partner, M Squared Group, Inc.


Al McClain - CEO, Co-founder, RetailWire


Today, leading retailers are learning sooner, deciding smarter, and acting faster by connecting the people, process, data, and things of the Internet of Everything.

Join Lisa Fretwell, Cisco Senior Director, Internet of Everything, for a look at the art of the possible - the technologies that are changing the face of retail today and transforming it for the future. Plus, she'll share case studies and highlight research findings from Cisco Consulting Services that will be presented at the National Retail Federation show in January. Then a panel of RetailWire BrainTrust experts will discuss the largest opportunity areas for retailers over the next five years and strategies for getting started.

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