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Tuesday, June 4, 2013
12:00 PM Eastern Time
60 minutes

Rad Sethuraman, Sr. Director of Product Management, Mobility Services at Cisco Wireless Networking Group


Ken Lonyai, Digital Innovation Strategist, Co-Founder, ScreenPlay InterActive

John Bajorek, Vice President Digital Services, WD Partners

Mark Heckman, Principal, Mark Heckman Consulting


Al McClain (Moderating), CEO, Founder, RetailWire

A two-part webinar series from RetailWire

Retailers are looking for new ways to leverage their WiFi networks, both to get better views of in-store shopper behavior and, once understood, to better engage shoppers by way of their personal mobile devices.
In this first in a two-part series, Rad Sethuraman, Sr. Director of Product Management, Mobility Services at Cisco Wireless Networking Group, will highlight the latest techniques for detecting customers before they log on to in-store networks. He will also explain how creating WiFi hot spots can facilitate a seamless customer transition between cellular and WiFi connectivity.
Then, in a live panel discussion, members of the RetailWire BrainTrust panel will explore how the newly gained shopper-path data might be leveraged to optimize everything from merchandising and store layout to offer personalization.

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