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DiscountTire Great day for the #22 Discount Tire Mustang, @joeylogano, & @Team_Penske. Joey has the pole & @keselowski is doing commentary! #pick22towin now
lordandtaylor For some reason, everything looks cooler in print. @424FIFTH http://t.co/G2i4c3GPXe http://t.co/t1ctKSOHZv 1 minute ago
Harrods Bringing glamour to afternoon tea... This @RoyalAlbert_UK set will add a beautiful touch to your #HarrodsHome. http://t.co/1a7BShTYUW 1 minute ago
stripesstores Supporting the @IslandCampus Women's and Men's basketball teams all day today! #tamuccHC15 #goders http://t.co/a4WNliuPAH 2 minutes ago
boardgameextras Find out how to play #AGameofThrones #cardgame - no simple card game though, as intricate as the books themselves http://t.co/Kbr5mSu0Hv 3 minutes ago
stripesstores RT @oz99svt: Just used #ApplePay at @stripesstores and it works good. 5 minutes ago
stripesstores RT @oz99svt: Just used #ApplePay at @stripesstores and it works good. 5 minutes ago
stripesstores RT @oz99svt: Just used #ApplePay at @stripesstores and it works good. 5 minutes ago
Official_WEM Great parking in the middle level lots along 178th street and 90th avenue. #wemparking 5 minutes ago
FocusBookstore Our Book Exchamge is going on right now and we have some great books for you to pick from. #COSprings 6 minutes ago
NETAPORTER See fashion week from the front row on our Pinterest board. http://t.co/AI9YMCUoWQ 9 minutes ago
HobbyLobby Got a room with a serious case of the blahs? We’ll show you how to make it sing! http://t.co/adYSZd8mY7 10 minutes ago
raleys We were born in 1935, & so were Ritz Crackers! Check this classic @Ritzcrackers based apple pie recipe. #raleysat80 >http://t.co/WBI1h3KqvM 10 minutes ago
wordbookstores Brooklyn, the free book table is outside! The not-free-book tables are inside. http://t.co/cXWj3sK7hz 10 minutes ago
madewell1937 On the blog: go skateboarding with photographer @sierra_prescott and her favorite jeans, http://t.co/jyDmd5isKz #everydaymadewell 10 minutes ago
craftsdirect Create this "Chore Chart Frame" this weekend and get the kids on board with this fun design concept. #chorechart http://t.co/Me8IgsblUS 10 minutes ago
AEO And the #AEOSHORTSTYLECONTEST winners are...check out the blog to see more! http://t.co/fa8aetc2CA 10 minutes ago
PetFlow Wow. What a great Dad! http://t.co/q8osaeMUP1 10 minutes ago
Roche_Bros Sully and Burble are here in Bridgewater with Mama Rosie's and @Mix1041 ready to party thru 3pm. #free #demos #kids http://t.co/fS8VmEnQNq 10 minutes ago
marksandspencer Add a touch of glamour with @loveLOLAmakeup! http://t.co/otD5ooiY0n http://t.co/aHQeZDcyZJ 11 minutes ago
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