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POS Effectiveness
The objective of the international cereal brand: promote improved taste to connect with its target Boomer base. But while the pallet display commanded attention, the new message was being lost. See results before and after SellCheck analytics were applied.

Email marketing
Among all modes of digital marketing available, email remains the most popular method of direct communication between brands and customers, creating huge opportunities for improving loyalty through engaging conversations.

Shopper-Centric Execution
Post-recession consumers have an "evolved" sense of value that colors their decisions when buying premium products. CPG marketers need to break down that value equation to speak meaningfully to each consumer.

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is changing both the way consumers behave and offers retailers more effective ways to interact with them. It's a strategy that begins with things in your business with which you're already familiar – the Internet of YOUR things.

Limitless Commerce
Until recently, content and commerce existed in separate worlds, creating unreliable customer experiences and frustrating business users. But the rapid rise of the Connected Consumer, enabled by mobile technology, has changed the game forever.

Online Selling Strategies
Mere mention of Amazon Prime sends shivers through even the best online retailers these days. And yet many can leverage the service for their own (quite profitable) benefit. Learn how in this Tip.

In-Store Marketing
Bad news/good news: Sure, showrooming is still growing, but stores are learning to turn the practice to their advantage. In one example, see how Best Buy uses "mini-stores" to combat sales going to competitive e-tailers.

Enriching Customer Relationships
Retailers have made the investment in data collection, but they typically fail to leverage the consumer insights derived from data to build a better bottom line through optimized store layouts.

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