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Delivering On Your Brand Promise
Recently released "New Retail Democracy" research paints a picture of an "access anywhere, commerce anywhere" consumer that demands knowledge of what products are on offer, what inventory is available, in what location and at what price point.

Shopper-Centric Execution
IRI's comprehensive survey of over 190,000 new UPCs released in 2013 shows the continuing importance of innovation in spurring new product sales — and the particular success of products conducive to healthier lifestyles.

Online Selling Strategies
Mere mention of Amazon Prime sends shivers through even the best online retailers these days. And yet many can leverage the service for their own (quite profitable) benefit. Learn how in this Tip.

Social Marketing Campaigns
Used smartly and creatively, hashtags have a unique ability to focus your social marketing objectives while adding real-time relevance and cross-channel breadth to your campaigns.

In-Store Marketing
Bad news/good news: Sure, showrooming is still growing, but stores are learning to turn the practice to their advantage. In one example, see how Best Buy uses "mini-stores" to combat sales going to competitive e-tailers.

Driving Online Revenue
When today's more sophisticated online shoppers abandon a shopping cart, it should not be assumed they're signaling an end to the shopping trip. New research points to options for encouraging shoppers to complete the sale.

Enriching Customer Relationships
Retailers have made the investment in data collection, but they typically fail to leverage the consumer insights derived from data to build a better bottom line through optimized store layouts.

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