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Shopper-Centric Execution
If manufacturers want to be seen as trusted partners in developing collaborative pricing strategies, they must first look beyond their own goals and create a "category story" meaningful from the retailer's perspective.

Marketing for Commerce
There are many reasons why shoppers stray from e-commerce product pages, but leaving a page doesn't necessarily signal a lack of buying interest. Here are ways to turn abandonments into renewed sales opportunities.

Limitless Commerce
From a TCO (total cost of ownership) perspective, there are strong arguments for using SaaS solutions vs. legacy, on-premise technologies, chief among them the imperative in today's market to remain flexible in the pursuit of new digital revenue opportunities.

Seamless Customer Experiences
Research indicates that nearly 75 percent of cross-channel consumers experience price and promotion inconsistencies between stores and websites. Learn how Walgreens, in one example, used its app to unify their customers' omnichannel experiences.

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