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Providing a reliable cross-channel experience has gone from being a differentiator to an expectation in the minds of many consumers. As digital connectivity grows, the typical shopping trip increasingly begins online. According to a 2012 e-tailing group/Oracle study, 44 percent of consumers research at least 50 percent of all purchases online before buying in any channel.

As Jonathan Marek of Applied Predictive Technologies puts it in Video #2 of our series, the "online to store effect" is becoming a critical area of study for retailers: "Can I advertise online? Can I advertise in Google search and display, increasingly in mobile ... and can I understand the impact of the online advertising, not just in driving conversions online, but actually in driving conversions in-store?"

Watch these two cross-channel-themed webisodes for examples of retailers currently leading the way in best practices, and advice on how cross-channel retailers can leverage the advantages of their physical stores in improving on their brand promise.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: Oracle Retail's whitepaper – "Your Experience Platform: Connected Interactions."

To drive profitable ongoing growth, retailers must provide the superior experiences consumers are demanding, whether online, on the go, or in the store – and align these actions with smarter internal decisions and processes. This white paper explores what it means to put the customer at the center of your org chart.

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