[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] A first look at new research revealing Amazon’s private label advancement

Posted: March 30, 2017

A first look at new Slice Intelligence research revealing Amazon’s private label advancement into a range of product categories.

Amazon’s new physical store experiments are setting off tremors within the retailer community, but one might argue that, for brands, the Richter scale readings are even more dramatic. Amazon’s talent for disruption is once again evident in its increasingly aggressive private label strategy — rolling out in apparel, shoes, electronics, consumer packaged goods and food. Brands are left to worry how Amazon will leverage its wealth of consumer data and novel merchandising opportunities at their expense.

In this important session, Slice Intelligence’s principal analyst, Ken Cassar, top-lines the results of just-completed research. In his presentation and follow-up interview conducted by RetailWire’s Al McClain, we discuss:

  • How deeply Amazon has penetrated the categories that it operates in with private label;
  • The heightened role private label brands now play in retailers’ online businesses;
  • The profile of online private label consumers and how these new developments may affect their shopping (and switching) behavior.

View the webinar and download the PDF

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