[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] From Source to Consumer: A Supply Chain Powered by Watson

Posted: May 11, 2017

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Can you envision what full transparency would do? Learn how transformational tech like Watson, IoT and Blockchain are paving a path to the future.

Today, the digital value chain has moved beyond a “cost center” to a way for retailers and brands to move past competitors. Behind-the-scenes capabilities will transform the way new value chains operate. Learn how game-changing technologies like IBM Watson, Internet of Things and Blockchain can dramatically improve visibility, trust and efficiency while meeting service objectives.

You’ll learn:
How Blockchain drives visibility, trust and efficiency from source to consumer;
How Watson can leverage new data sources for collaborative demand forecasting and inventory optimization.

About the presenters
Chris Davin – VP, GBS Cognitive Supply Chain, IBM
Stephen Leng – UKI Retail Merchandising & Supply Chain Solutions Leader, IBM
Eric Smith – Supply Chain Management, Information Systems, Business Statistics and Mathematics Instructor at Iowa State University

Moderated by:
Al McClain, CEO, RetailWire

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