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Peter J. Charness

SVP America, Global CMO
TXT Group

Peter Charness is a software/retail executive with significant experience (domestic and international) in innovating solutions for the retail and CPG industries.

As a CEO, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer, Peter excels at revenue generation through areas such as, product management, product marketing and development, positioning, lead generation, Marcom and business/sales development. He is also experienced in mergers and acquisitions and partnerships

As a VP of Logisitics and Technology (CIO) Successful history of providing the right leadership and experience for inventory management and optimization for the Retail supply chain.

Specialties include:

  • Industry leading experience and capabilities in all manners of solutions for retailers and CPG Companies.
  • Particular emphasis on inventory optimization, retail ERP, merchandise planning and inventory management, POS and store operations, CRM and category management.
  • Significant depth in business intelligence, product management, product marketing, industry marketing, and inventory management.
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