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Bernice Hurst

Fine Food Network

Bernice Hurst is the author/editor of more than 60 food related publications aimed at both consumers and the food industry. Amongst the trade directories she conceived and published were Food & Drink from Britain Buyers' Guide, The Grocer Directory of Food & Drink Suppliers, The Grocer Marketing Directory and The Shopping Centre Directory of Retailers and Shopping Centres in the UK. Reports included UK's Top 100 Food & Drink Manufacturers.

She has worked as a consultant to food and drink producers and prepared feasibility studies, research and marketing strategies for clients in both the public and private sectors. As founder and Managing Director of the Fine Food Club, she pioneered online food retailing in the UK when the Fine Food Club became the first shop in AOL UK's shopping channel.

Bernice currently writes for off and online publications about food, the food industry and eCommerce as well as advising food producers on their marketing and eCommerce strategies. Her extensive knowledge of food retailing covers everything from mail order to export, farmers' markets and farm shops through independent delicatessens to high street and out of town supermarkets. She has researched lifestyle, shopping and eating patterns as they effect family interaction and is particularly interested in the impact of the way people live on the way they select and prepare their meals.

In addition, she has written a series of Management Briefings for members of the www.just-food.com community on subjects such as online grocery, internet use for food manufacturers and retailers, foodservice, food labelling,low carbohydrate diets and the future of processed foods. Her two reports for prestigious publisher Reuters Business Insight -- Best Practice b2b eCommerce in Food & Drink and Best Practice b2c eCommerce in Food & Drink -- were the first in-depth studies into these subjects. Bernice is also heavily involved in consultation regarding improved food and nutritional education for children and their parents.

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