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Dr. Richard J. George - Saint Joseph's University
Super Center Food Shopping: What is This Thing Called Service?

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Richard J. George, Ph.D.

Professor of Food Marketing
Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph's University
Richard George has spent his entire professional career in the development of people. With his Harvard MBA and Temple Ph.D. he worked in marketing research and marketing management for Scott Paper Company. Currently, he is Professor of Food Marketing, Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has written half dozen books on a variety of topics and has been recognized with several awards for teaching excellence, including the internationally recognized Lindback Award for Excellence in College Teaching. As an entrepreneur he has learned the need to "walk the walk" and not simply "talk the talk." He has lived and taught in England (University of London) and Ireland (University College Cork). In addition to the books co-authored with Dr. Stanton (see below), he has written two consumer buying guides, The Ultimate Consumer Survival Guide (SLC Publishing, 2004) and Customer Power: Seven Steps to Get What You Want (and Deserve) (RJG Associates, 2000). Both consumer buying guides are available as a free down load from his web site www.rjgeorge.com. He has spoken on the topics of marketing strategy, customer delight, marketing trends, servant leadership, and business ethics in the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Articles on these topics have appeared in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, the Journal of Food Products Marketing, Marketing News, and the Journal of Business Ethics.
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