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Anne Bieler

Sr. Associate
Packaging and Technology Integrated Solutions
Anne Bieler is a retail packaging expert with over 25 years experience across Packaging and Technology Integrated Solutions (PTIS) and Cryovac/Sealed Air. PTIS has pioneered retail research and package development for market leaders across the supply chain. Innovative packaging is driving growth in new retail channels, category concepts, and premium store brands.

Anne has provided marketing and technical expertise to major meat, poultry and cheese processors, food retailers, and foodservice companies. She has worked with leading packaging companies and marketers to develop business opportunities, and assess new packaging technologies.

Prior to building her consulting business, Anne successfully led packaging development teams at Cryovac. She was responsible for Business Assessment and Development to commercialization for new packaging technologies. In this position, she was responsible for development of new concepts for retailers, including HMR programs, modified atmosphere programs, deli concepts and Case-Ready packaging systems. As Technical Manager, she was responsible for equipment systems and packaging applications development, which included vacuum packaging, MAP, as well as thermoforming, FFS and thin film systems. Comprehensive development in materials and equipment led to a number of patents and industry adoption of new packaging systems used in food processing, particularly for chilled foods.

Anne has received numerous achievement awards, including the 2004 Register - Davis Award for Lifetime Achievement in Food Packaging. She is an active member of the Institute of Food Technologists, CIFST in Toronto, and the Packaging Association of Canada. She received degrees in Chemistry and Food Science from the University of Florida.

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