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Martin Mehalchin

Lenati, LLC

Martin Mehalchin leads the Retail & Consumer practice at Lenati, a Seattle-based sales and marketing strategy consulting firm. Martin has spent his career working with executives and managers to help them define their strategies and then translate those strategies into results. He has 15+ years of experience developing strategies and driving innovation for retailers and brands. Sectors that he knows particularly well include consumer electronics, athletic footwear and apparel and food and beverage.

Martin tweets mostly about retail and high-tech under @mehalchin .

Lenati’s Retail and Consumer practice helps merchants and brands understand their consumer, optimize their channel strategy, and deliver distinctive and memorable retail experiences.  

PXD: Lenati’s Performance based eXperience Design approach offers a complete package of services to invigorate or re-envision your customer’s experience. While customer experience strategy and design are typically approached separately or in sequence, our methodology seamlessly integrates research, strategy and design throughout the project. You’ll benefit from our proprietary approach and tools for store-level research including an exclusive, tablet-based app that we use to record and visualize customer pathing data. Our award-winning creative team works directly with the research group to construct new experience-driven design tactics to connect with your customer. Our expert data analysts utilize Tableau Software to create powerful visualizations that clearly demonstrate the impact of specific customer experience tactics on financial and store performance. At the end of the project your new or revamped customer experience approach will be prototyped, verified and ready for rollout across your chain.


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