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Tom Redd

Global Vice President, Strategic Communications
SAP Global Retail Business Unit

Tom Redd is the Vice President of strategic communications for SAP covering the global retail industry. He leads the team responsible for leveraging the driving internal and external communications via many channels. He is also an internal advisor for SAP Retail's global marketing across all regions. Tom has been with SAP Retail for 7+ years.

Tom Redd has over 30 years of retail industry experience, ranging from store manager for a small Midwestern shoe chain to POS programmer at NCR in the early 80s. Tom gained notoriety at NCR by driving forward the concept of screen-based POS applications and the development of the first applications for self-service check-in at airports and hotels. This led him to driving third-party POS application development for the NCR POS series and acting President of RetailMate Systems. Tom was also Executive Vice President of Marketing at Reflexis and Vice President of Global Marketing for Retek (now Oracle Retail).

Tom represents SAP Retail as an associate member of National Retail Federation and an active member of the University of Arizona Terry Lundgren Retail Center Executive Board and also a board member for the school's Norton School of Family Sciences.

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