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Bill Bittner

BWH Consulting

Mr. Bittner has extensive experience with the business processes and IT applications critical to a successful retail operation. These include processes and applications focused on streamlining distribution and logistics, merchandise planning and management, and store operations. He has designed and implemented applications in the areas of Forecasting, Replenishment, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Invoice Matching, Activity Based Costing (DPP), Assortment Planning, Promotion Planning, and Pricing. At store level, he has managed the integration of point solutions supporting Time and Attendance, Back Door Receiving, Checker Productivity Reporting, Labor Scheduling, Electronic Shelf Labels, and Front End Data Maintenance. In addition to custom designs he has implemented applications from many of the major software vendors including IBM (INFOREM), Chain Store Systems (WMS), OMI (Triceps), Manugistics (TMS), Softechnics (Chaintrack), Telepanel, and RETEK. He has most recently been involved with Radio Frequency Identification and the evolving Electronic Product Code (EPC) Standards.

As Director of Applications Development for a major Supermarket Chain, Mr. Bittner maintained a qualified staff of technicians through a combination of cross-training, personal development, and individual recognition. He established procedures and tools for improving development results through application prototyping and kept the development effort focused on business objectives. All the developers toured a warehouse, spent time working in a store, and worked with their respective business departments. Existing applications were managed through scheduled upgrades based on planned release dates. He implemented standard software release and monitoring procedures for store applications at over 1000 retail locations. During this period he gained further insight into common industry practices by consolidating the independently developed applications of eight different regional supermarket chains.

With a career focused on the processes and applications of the Supermarket Industry, Mr. Bittner has the cross functional experience that enables him to anticipate the impact of process changes on other areas of the business. His strong technical background allows him to work with business leaders to develop technology migration plans. His education in statistics and forecasting applications leads to the use of quantitative methods to provide operating people with the tools they need for fact based decision making.

Mr. Bittner has his BA and MBA Degrees from Rutgers University and a wide range of business and technology training, including considerable training on RFID and EPC. He has helped retailers and consumer package goods manufacturers evaluate their current and future IT requirements, and has worked with software vendors interested in developing solutions targeted to the Supermarket Industry.

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