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M. Jericho Banks PhD

President, CEO
Forensic Marketing LLC
"Dr. Plainspeak" is a marketing professional with deep domestic and international roots in retail, advertising, CPG, and internet commerce. He was National Ad Mgr. for 7-Eleven, VP Retail for Catalina Marketing, VP Advertising for Raley's Supermarkets, president of AdPix, Inc., EVP/CTO of the eSave Network, EVP/COO of Global Online Systems, Ltd., and EVP/CTO of Legacy Brands, Inc. Accomplishments include two CLIO awards, two advertising Gold Lions from the Cannes Film Festival, and a Southland Corporation research fellowship.

Dr. Banks has consulted for major retailers including Fleming Foods, SuperValu, Safeway, Kroger, Kmart, Meijer, and 7-Eleven, and is a frequent speaker for the American Marketing Association. He co-designed the largest and broadest retail consumer profile database to date, supporting a CRM initiative featuring predictive modeling, targeted rewards, reward analysis, and psychographics.

Forensic marketing is much like forensic accounting, and is an essential part of any due diligence package when one business buys another. It includes dispute investigation, litigation services, and expert witnesses. Forensic Marketing LLC specializes in all phases of marketing including advertising, consumer research, new product development, PR, sales, etc. For instance, agreements or contracts for promotions and sales might be listed as assets. Proposed or partially-developed new products could also be listed as assets. All of this must be verified along with all consumer research and intellectual property.

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