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Joe Nassour

Chief Technology Officer

Joe has spent his career making relevant technology available to decision makers. He has worked with some of the largest retailers and suppliers, providing merchandising intelligence and tools for performance management. Currently he is the chief technology officer at RetailTactics, Inc.

Retailtactics provides the cloud based solution SchemaDB where suppliers and retailers can gain analytics, reports and visualizations of planogram data. Suppliers use SchemaDB to perform share-of-shelf analysis across accounts, regions and channels.

In addition to developing cloud based solutions, Joe has collaborated on technology with some of the most prominent retail consultants, technology companies, suppliers and retailers.

Not only is Joe experienced in retail but has an extensive background in banking and security. He was vice president of office automation at Union Bank of California. He has also worked on large scale media asset delivery projects with Microsoft and NBC that delivered video content to millions of people.

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