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Christopher P. Ramey

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Chris Ramey is a high sought-after professional speaker and consultant.  He is the most quoted executive in the luxury segment.  Ramey is also president of The Home Trust International www.thehometrust.com, a technology firm/marketing platform that connects the finest resources for the home with high net worth individuals.  Ramey ensures his clients penetrate the luxury and premium markets. 

Ramey is:

  • Former president of The Luxury Marketing Council Miami and The Luxury Marketing Council Palm Beach. a marketing collaborative and think-tank for luxury brands.    
  • Past-president of International Design Guild www.design-guild.com, a ~100 showroom chain of decorative floor coverings and
  • Past-president and founder of Savvi Formalwear www.savviformalwear.com, a ~260 store chain of men’s formalwear and apparel. 

He writes the Ramey Retail Report as well as a column for Hearst Publication's Floor Covering Weekly titled "Strategic Insights."  Ramey has earned the "Leader - Top 5%" appellation from Gerson-Lehrman Group for his work with private equity firms. 

Ramey and his wife are originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and they reside in Boca Raton, Florida.  You may reach Chris at cpr@affluentinsights.com or 561.876.8077.

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