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Malls are offering outdoor skating rinks, help with getting packages to cars and other attractions and services to bring people out for the holidays.
The Seattle Times -
Seventy-one percent of online shoppers living in households with an income of $75,000 or more plan to shop at sites such as Amazon.com and eBay for the holidays.
eMarketer -
Spending on gift cards has grown 83 percent since 2003, to $31.74 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.
The Washington Post -
It's going to be a "Frozen" Christmas, according to the National Retail Federation.
Twenty-five percent of working Americans will need to clock-in on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's, according to the Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor survey.
USA Today -
An Ohio state legislator, Mike Foley, wants companies to pay workers three-times their normal hourly wages on Thanksgiving.
The Associated Press/The Columbus Dispatch -
A market basket of 23 items including organic turkey cost $104.91 at Whole Foods this year, down 0.3 percent from 2013, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.
Bloomberg News -
The brewer has denied reports that its famous Clydesdales were no longer going to be part of its marketing efforts.
Adweek -

Compiled November 26, 2014

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