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Amazon would become a major online player in the luxury goods segment should it pull off an acquisition of Net-a-Porter.
Reuters/Fortune -
Dov Charney claims American Apparel breached his contract when they terminated his employment last year.
The New York Post -
Salus Capital Partners, which is owed $150 million by RadioShack, wants bidding for the company's assets to be reopened.
Reuters -
Costco and 1-800Contacts are trying to get legislators around the country to overturn laws that allow contact manufacturers to set minimum prices.
The New York Times (tiered sub.) -
Associates in Walgreens have been telling customers to "be well" as they exit the chain's stores. They don't have to do that anymore.
CNNMoney -
The iconic country singer plans to launch an upscale line of marijuana and related products and sell them through his own chain of stores in states where sale of the herb is legal for recreational use.
The Daily Beast -
Dollar Shave Club CEO Mike Dubin says most guys are confused trying to figure out the right products to use for their hair. The e-tailer plans to address the problem with its new Boogie line and an online tool that makes it easier to figure out the right products to purchase.
Fast Company -
Eighty-two percent of people surveyed by Accenture expect retailers' prices to be the same whether they are in-store or online.
MediaPost's Marketing Daily -

Compiled March 27, 2015

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