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Amazon's Prime Now debuts today in Manhattan, with a promised rollout in other cities in 2015. Prime customers will pay $7.99 for one-hour delivery of basic items, such as books, toys and pantry essentials.
GeekWire -
Rumor has it that Twitter will partner with Foursquare to help deploy a "local discover" strategy, which has one author wondering what a merger of the companies could mean.
StreetFight -
The just-released BlackBerry Classic is getting rave reviews for its straight-forward, work-oriented design (and yes, the physical keyboard is back).
The New York Times (blog) -
Pantry, the owner of the Kangaroo Express chain, has agreed to be purchased by Couche-Tard for $861 million.
Reuters -
A wide range of companies are seeing that reducing the "friction" of payment offers a host of add-on revenue opportunities.
The Wall Street Journal (blog) -
Brands have had big success with punchy, spontaneous social campaigns, but sometimes something as apparently innocuous as #RockThatRock can trigger an FTC investigation.
Forbes -
In efforts to make its offerings less confusing to customers, McDonald's is discontinuing eight menu items, losing, according to the company, three Quarter Pounders with Cheese, two Premium Chicken sandwiches and two Snack Wraps.
The Huffington Post -
The ginormous Consumer Electronics Show set for January 6 - 9 will likely feature debuts of scores of wearable devices, the latest TV developments, and lots of Internet of Things technology. Again this year, however, Apple will not be in the house.
Mirror Online -

Compiled December 18, 2014

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