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Amazon management may believe it's OK for the company to keep mounting huge losses as it continues to invest in future growth, but Wall Street appears to have become impatient.
Forbes -
A Bank of America spokesperson apologized for a problem that caused about 1,000 of its account holders' Apple Pay charges to be duplicated. The error apparently occurred between the bank and and its payment networks.
SFGate -
After taking care of some complications involving investment in a China-based battery manufacturer, P&G hopes to spin off Duracell into a stand-alone business.
Fortune -
Nike has enjoyed success in putting Apple tech together with its running shoes. With the Apple Watch being readied for the marketplace, Nike CEO Mark Parker says the company has plans to "expand the whole digital frontier in terms of wearables and go from 25 million Nike+ users to hundreds of millions."
Time -
According to a recent analysis, among the 12 chains in the Russell 3000 index shedding the most stores are (in addition to Sears) Christopher & Banks, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Destination Maternity, A&F, Big Lots, J.C. Penney and Best Buy.
USA Today -
Walmart International CEO David Cheesewright says that many new ideas being introduced in the company's U.S. stores were first tested overseas — from new formats to merchandising ideas and products.
The City Wire -
While the list of retailers accepting Bitcoin payments grows, surveys show usage by U.S. adults still in the low single digits.
eMarketer -
Facebook's new Room app, currently available for iPhone, is an updating of 1990's style chat rooms. If successful, can advertising opportunities be far behind?
The Guardian -

Compiled October 24, 2014

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