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By selling and leasing back its headquarters, J.C. Penney would gain a cash infusion. Management believes it can offset the cost of the lease by no longer paying for maintenance and property taxes.
The Dallas Morning News -
Scott McClelland, president of H-E-B's Houston division, said the company succeeds by tailoring stores to the locals they serve.
The Observer -
In thousands of rural villages across China, locals head to the community computer kiosk supplied by Alibaba to order products online.
Wired -
Chick-fil-A, Crate & Barrel and Zappos are now accepting Apple's payment app.
The Hacked News -
Subway's $5 footlong is no more. The company has decided to bump up the price to $6, the first increase since 2007, and fans of the sandwich are venting on Twitter.
Digiday -
The new McDonald's is more about breakfast than burgers and the chain is reaching out to Millennials with a commercial inspired by the classic children's book.
USA Today -
H&M has included a hijab-wearing model in ads and a group of Sikh men in turbans on a billboard in Manhattan.
The Huffington Post Canada -
What will it take for Chipotle to regain its lost customers? This tongue-in-cheek column offers advice, including housing live animals on-site so customers can see they are in good health before being slaughtered to make burritos.
The Guardian -

Compiled February 5, 2016

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