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Feb 22, 2013

Shopping at Wegmans can be a very social experience. It is one of the few stores where multiple people in our household volunteer to go along when plans to go grocery shopping are announced.

Wegmans has always gotten the whole human interaction/customer service thing right, not only in their stores, but in the chain’s Menu magazine, online food prep videos, etc.

The grocer also seems to have a pretty good handle on social media and this week announced a contest to celebrate reaching 50,000 followers on Twitter. The chain is giving away five $100 gift cards (one a day) to Wegmaniacs as part of a Retweet Contest.

On Wegmans’ Fresh Stories blog, Eric Democko, social media coordinator for the chain, explains why the company loves Twitter so much. Reasons include:

  • Being able to share daily meal ideas with its followers;
  • Hearing from shoppers;
  • Getting ideas on where to build stores;
  • Informing customers about events;
  • Sharing photos and other fun stuff.


What is the single biggest point of difference that Wegmans has compared to all the grocers with whom it competes? Do you see that difference being transported to the chain’s website and use of social media?

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Debbie Hauss

It’s hard to be unbiased. I traveled to Rochester several years ago, interviewed Wegmans executives and toured their flagship store. It’s a terrific family business that covers all bases when it comes to satisfying customers.

I’ve never had a Wegmans close enough to where I live to shop there regularly, until this year. It seemed to take an eternity, but Wegmans set up shop just a few miles from my home. It’s an impressive facility. The produce, seafood, meat, ready-to-eat foods, bakery items, cheese and more are all top quality. At Wegmans, I also was able to do all my shopping, including some catering and custom flower arrangements, for a bridal shower I hosted. It is a destination.

Although I only recently started following Wegmans on Twitter, the company seems to be very quick to respond to questions and complaints. I think the Wegmans team knows how important it is to deliver the same excellent customer experience offered in-store to all channels.

Gene Hoffman
Gene Hoffman
4 years 6 months ago

Wegmans utilizes well their innovative food retailing talents. That skill creates genius and it’s that genius that possesses Wegmans shoppers and also differentiates Wegmans from most other chains.

In creating food excitement and a sense of theater, Wegmans makes its stores like a Wizard of Oz land.

May they be able to translate that phenomenon into their website and in their use of social media.

David Livingston
4 years 6 months ago

This is kind of like asking what is the biggest point of difference that heaven has over hell. Bottom line is you just want to go to one and not the other. Social media is different. You can watch the Super Bowl on TV, but its not like being there in person.

Stan Barrett
Stan Barrett
4 years 6 months ago

The employees seem to actually care that I (customer) am choosing their store.  Posted a question to twitter and received quick response sent directly to me. And the products and choices are top quality.

So, customer service and products (price is close, but you only get 2 out of 3, right?). Yes they will transfer it to their website and social media—it is already occurring.

William Passodelis
4 years 6 months ago

In my humble opinion and in my experience, the point of difference concerning Wegmans is the desire for, and production of, satisfaction of the customer.

Wegmans is fantastic. (That said—my first love, personally, remains Publix!)


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