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King Soopers Delivers with HomeShop

April 4, 2003

By George Anderson

The Denver Post reports, "King Soopers is rolling out a revamped version of its home-delivery service that lets shoppers order and receive groceries on the same day for a $10 fee."

The company's HomeShop program is currently active in Boulder, CO and will be available in all communities served by King Soopers by the end of the summer.

The HomeShop service operates with a store-based fulfillment system. Kings Soopers' shoppers who order before 10:00 in the morning will have groceries delivered between 4:00 and 8:00 on the same day.

Dave Hopson, HomeShop manager for Kings Soopers told The Post the improved service will make more products available for purchase than the previous system.

Mr. Hopson said, "demand for delivery service has increased, and if HomeShop is successful locally, parent company Kroger may roll it out nationwide".

Moderator's Comment: Has the demand for grocery delivery services grown to the point where it is now possible for these programs to turn a profit?

If the Kings Soopers' test goes well, we may see Kroger roll out the HomeShop service to its other properties. [George Anderson - Moderator]

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