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The RetailWire BrainTrust offers a wealth of resources including studies, white papers and publications. This list is updated as new resources become available. There are currently 44 different resources available.

FutureProof Retail
Mobile Checkout Demo
See the shopping process start to finish in 2 minutes flat (url)
Provided by William Hogben
RTG white paper
The imminent demise of the wallet as we know it
A view at how the physical wallet will be replaced (url)
Provided by Bob Amster
ProLogic Retail Services
ProLogic article in The Shelby Report
Press article (pdf)
Provided by Ross Ely
What Is GoSpotCheck?
This one-minute video shows how Beam Suntory, Maui Jim and OtterBox use mobile data collection to improve retail execution. (url)
Provided by Matt Talbot
LLamasoft, Inc.
The Return on Investment of Supply Chain
Research Summary of Supply Chain Leaders (pdf)
Provided by Diana McHenry
Integrating Customer Experience and Loyalty
Featured whitepaper (url)
Provided by Martin Mehalchin
The WiseGuy's Guide to Online Retail Pricing Strategies
The top 11 pricing strategies all retailers need to know about (url)
Provided by Arie Shpanya
American Retail Consultants
Kai Clarke Experience
Kai Clarke Experience (doc)
Provided by Kai Clarke
The Customer-Centric Marketing Revolutions
Whitepaper by Graeme McVie (url)
Provided by Graeme McVie
Upstream Commerce
Upstream Commerce Blog
Retail Price Intelligence, Predictive Analytics & Advanced Trending in the extremely competitive retail world (url)
Provided by Naomi K. Shapiro
Oracle in Consumer Goods
Industry Solutions (url)
Provided by Gib Bassett
The HUB Conference, NYC Sept 2013
"Shopping in the Era of Big Data"
Brief Video from a Conference (url)
Provided by Liz Crawford
Second To None
Second To None OVERVIEW
Customer Experience Services and Solutions (pdf)
Provided by Jeff Hall
IRI Quarterly MarketPulse Survey
Infographic: How Consumers are Weathering the Financial Storm (pdf)
Provided by John McIndoe
MB&G Consulting
2012 Omni Channel Retailing State of the Union
Omni channel retailing capabilities of the top 100 US retailers (pdf)
Provided by Bill Davis
Retail Pricing Best Practices
The top 5 tactics of price intelligent retailers (url)
Provided by Alexander Rink
Shep Hyken
Customer Service Will Fix the US Economy
Article (pdf)
Provided by Shep Hyken
The Retail Feedback Group
This Customer Speaks
Blog (url)
Provided by Brian Numainville
Marge Laney
Fit Happens - Analog Buying in a Digital World
Book (url)
Provided by Marge Laney

Beyond Redemption: 2G Digital Shopper Marketing
How marketers can win the 2nd Gen of digital shopper marketing (PDF)
Provided by Dan Frechtling
M Squared Group, Inc.
Cultivating Your Customers Blog, by Mark Price
How to overcome real-life challenges to data-driven marketing (url)
Provided by Mark Price
Affluent Insights
Ramey Report
Trusted Strategies to Sell Premium & Luxury Products (URL)
Provided by Christopher P. Ramey
b2b Solutions, LLC
b2b Solutions Website
The source for convenience / petroleum consulting. (url)
Provided by Steve Montgomery
Hanifin Loyalty LLC
Loyalty Truth Blog
Unbiased Insights on Customer Strategies & Loyalty Marketing (URL)
Provided by Bill Hanifin
TNS Global Retail & Shopper Practice
Selling Like Amazon... ...in Bricks & Mortar Stores!
Whitepaper (pdf)
Provided by Herb Sorensen, Ph.D.
MARS Advertising
An Updated Look at Value
White Paper (PDF)
Provided by Anne Howe
Grocery Headquarters
Is Shopper Marketing Doomed?
Article on Shopper Marketing essentials (url)
Provided by David Zahn
Retailing In Focus
Dick Seesel's Blog about Retail Today
Strategic Insights for Stores and Suppliers (url)
Provided by Dick Seesel
IBM Corporation
Smarter Food Supply
Technology is ensuring your food is getting "smarter". (url)
Provided by Ralph Jacobson
Always right, sometimes early!
Blog - Retail in no particular order... (URL)
Provided by Carol Spieckerman
Loyalty Marketing info and Blog
Relevant Dialogue about brands and customers (URL)
Provided by Phil Rubin
Applied Predictive Technologies
APT Food for Thought
Analytical Insights from APT's Restaurant Practice (URL)
Provided by Jonathan Marek
Graff Retail
Graff Retail TV
Online Retail Sales and Management Training (url)
Provided by Kevin Graff
The Retail Doctor
Bricks and Mortar Retailing at Risk in the Digital Age
A manifesto (URL)
Provided by Bob Phibbs
David Biernbaum Web Site:
Very educational for CPG companies! (URL)
Provided by David Biernbaum
Relational Solutions Inc.
Omni-Channel Basic's
White Paper (pdf)
Provided by Janet Dorenkott
Laura Davis-Taylor & Adrian Weidmann
Lighting Up the Aisle
Principles and Practices for In-Store Digital Media (URL)
Provided by Laura Davis-Taylor
The Ian Percy Corporation
The Profitable Power of Purpose
Breakthrough 93 pg book on Power of Purpose. (PDF)
Provided by Ian Percy
VSN Strategies
Retail Marketing Analysis Blog (url)
Provided by James Tenser
Dynamic Experiences Group, LLC
The Fourth Place
Creating an in-store community experience (PDF)
Provided by Doug Fleener
Dr. Richard J. George - Saint Joseph's University
Super Center Food Shopping: What is This Thing Called Service?
Provided by Richard J. George, Ph.D.
Bernice Hurst - Fine Food Network
MANAGEMENT BRIEFING: Who says we have freedom of choice?
Provided by Bernice Hurst
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