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Mark Heckman

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Will Google Glass Make Smartphones History?

February 22, 2013

The advent of the smartphone meant that some technologies went from important to rarely seen or used. Now there are predictions that Google Glass will somehow make smartphones less relevant, if not altogether irrelevant. Will Google Glass alter the consumer tech product landscape in the years to come?      [more...]


Putting a pair of glasses on to go shopping may seem a bit out of the norm now, but early adopters may be seen in a store near you very soon. Headwear actually solves some of the interactive problems that using smartphones presents, when it comes to receiving relevant information at the moment of decision, within the store. First, shoppers want to shop and interact with the products and associates in the store, not their smartphones....glasses can make the interaction with digital content much less intrusive.

Secondly, I envision eyewear ultimately augmenting, not replacing smartphone technology in the near term. Google Glass should facilitate both the conveyance of digital content to the shopper while in shopping mode and directional information, guiding shoppers to deals and/or favorite items.

Forgive the strained analogy, but Google in fact could be the "Apple of my Eye" if this technology proves to be everything it promises!

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