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David Biernbaum

Senior Marketing and Business Development Consultant
David Biernbaum Associates LLC

BrainTrust Query: Marketers Need to Start Thinking of Their Brands As Media

November 19, 2012

In the old days there was only one kind of audience — the ones that media created. These audiences are still significant, but now there is a new type of audience in a digital and social age — one accumulated by the brand itself. Do you find it helpful to view brands as "media"?      [more...]


Successful brands are going out of their way to create a certain culture, and an ongoing conversation, about their products. What is important though is to be sure you are not dictating the conversation, or trying too hard to create your own conversation that appears to be nothing more than a commerical for your product. Where you want to arrive is at a place where your consumers are talking to each other about the brand.

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