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Ryan Mathews

Founder, ceo
Black Monk Consulting

Small Merchants 'Bah Humbug' Daily Deals

November 29, 2012

A RetailWire story back in July of 2011 looked at plans by consumers to use daily deal offers to save money on their holiday purchases. Now comes a report that small retailers have decided to take a pass on offering Groupons this holiday season. Is there a place in the daily deal space for special offers that satisfy customers while making business sense for merchants?      [more...]


Retail is evolving so rapidly—especially with respect to the use of new media and platforms—that the honest answer is, "Who knows?"

The Devil is in the execution and consumer acceptance.

if daily deals can be made to align with enough consumers' lifestyles, Groupon et. al. and/or their successors will have a bright future. If not, they'll become yet another footnote in the history of retailing.

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