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Roger Saunders

Global Managing Director
Prosper Business Development

CPGmatters: Analysis of Retail Digital Media Activity Helps Kellogg Better Shape Strategies

November 29, 2012

Although the process of tracking and analyzing retail digital media is new and still being defined, it already represents about a $750 million spend for manufacturers and is expected to grow. What do you think are the benefits as well as the challenges of analyzing retail digital media activity?      [more...]


CPG and Retail concerns will want to know the devices on which consumers are accessing their messages (PC/tablet/smartphone), as well as which segments of their audiences (age, gender, where they are shopping, etc.) are making use of and being influenced by digital media.

Having a baseline early in the game permits these marketers have a tractable record. Those trends, in turn, provide a path to more effective messaging and choice of digital solutions.

We live in a four-screen world, and one that offers consumers well-over 35 different media forms that offer paths to the "last mile" where the consumer is making that prized decision of purchase. Having an integrated media solution model, that includes traditional, new, and digital media forms is essential for a world that has moved beyond the conventional "push" / fill the aisles with product strategies.

The consumer is the center of the equation, and digital offers an interactive engagement path.

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