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Zel Bianco

President, founder and CEO
Interactive Edge

BrainTrust Query: The Incredible Dissolving Store

November 30, 2012

How should category management professionals adjust to a world with vastly more information and a good deal less control? The accompanying diagram identifies ten factors and sources to consider. How should category management adapt to the onslaught of mobile consumers and the influence of Big Data?      [more...]


Well, first, category management needs to be better aligned with whomever in the organization is working on shopper insights. This is not the case in many CPG and Retail organizations, let alone aligned with whatever department is working on e-commerce and social media responsibilities. Once that is in place, and the data that is driving those areas have been thought through as to what an organization wants to do with that data, then and only then can the category management group start to understand how to analyze and present this for more effective impact on the shopper in the center of all this.

Big Data can be scary and will continue to be scary for organizations that don't first take a step back and try to understand what the goals and objectives of using it are. What continues to amaze me is that some organizations and specifically category management practitioners believe that simply working with syndicated data sources will give them enough to work with. I believe those days are gone.

Category management teams that recognize that you must integrate data from many different sources including shopper, loyalty, web, internal, retailer POS, survey, in-store, etc. will be the ones that are better prepared to handle and win from the new chaotic data world that Jamie is talking about.

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