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Walmart Can't Wait for Black Friday to Begin

November 12, 2012

Ten p.m. must have been too late a start for Walmart last Thanksgiving. This year the retailer has decided that it will swing open its doors at eight o'clock in a rush to capture greater share of consumer expenditures this holiday season. How much advantage do Walmart and others gain by opening hours earlier than the competition?      [more...]


Okay here goes nothin'... As all of you know, I can not stand the lovefest most folks have for Walmart, and this move just reminds me of what is important. Is nothing sacred anymore, especially getting together with your family to enjoy ONE DAY of peace, to relax before the BIG RUSH? I guess not, and it is typical of these giant stores to jump the gun and sell all there cheap stuff a day early to convince customers that they're the place to shop.

I value time with my Family, and all my employees have that day off, as it is important to gather together for that day and give thanks for all of our blessings. Am I too sentimental??? Probably, and I am glad I was taught that some things are more important than money, by my mom and dad. As more and more independents get pushed out of the marketplace, the ones left standing will hopefully continue to respect the traditions of Thanksgiving by allowing their employees to enjoy a full day with Family!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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