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David Biernbaum

Senior Marketing and Business Development Consultant
David Biernbaum Associates LLC

BrainTrust Query: Three Universal Truths to Creating Strong Business Relationships

December 7, 2012

There are three recurring drivers of creating successful relationships with colleagues who are either co-workers or clients that universally apply to both external and internal relationships. What do you think is essential to strong business relationships?      [more...]


Lots of good advice in this article. In my own consulting and master-broker practice, I love working with clients that understand and practice the science of human nature, social skills, building real relationships, and understanding the intrinsic culture and even the politics of the retailers with whom they are doing business. Great suppliers have great products but also know what they don't know and learn how to approach this business the right way knowing full well that this is indeed a business with real people on both sides that have real motives and actualities.

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