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Small Merchants 'Bah Humbug' Daily Deals

November 29, 2012

A RetailWire story back in July of 2011 looked at plans by consumers to use daily deal offers to save money on their holiday purchases. Now comes a report that small retailers have decided to take a pass on offering Groupons this holiday season. Is there a place in the daily deal space for special offers that satisfy customers while making business sense for merchants?      [more...]


Consumers want everything half off these days, as they now expect it. Retailers continue to fight it out to the death for retaining their customers, while trying to gain some new ones. Loyalty is pushed aside, as temptation for the hot deals is everywhere online, and in other social media events.

The winner as always is the consumer, and small businesses can not continue to sell things at losses in order to sway loyalty their way. With tons of businesses fighting for the ever shrinking dollars, it is a scenario that will not end well for the small undercapitalized businesses out there. Great service is crucial, as all of us have stated time and time again, but price is really the motivation for consumers to pull the trigger on a sale these days. Stay Thirsty My Friends!!!

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