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Shep Hyken

Chief Amazement Officer
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Will Gap's Take On In-Store Pickup Be a Retail Game Changer?

April 22, 2013

While in-store pickup works great for customers, it actually works against the retailer, according to Art Peck, president of growth, innovation & digital at Gap Inc. Will Gap Inc.'s reserve-in-store prove superior to current in-store pickup programs available in retail outlets today?      [more...]


Anytime you can make a process that is easy for the customer, it is worth considering. And, if that also means more foot traffic in the store, why not? Once in the store, the sales people can do what they do best, sell.

There is no doubt that some customers will reserve something and not show. How many times do our customers go into a dressing room with five items and don't buy any one of them? It's not all that different. However, the customers who do show up will make a difference. As mentioned, the sales people can do their job and accessorize or add-on to the sale. Everyone wins!

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