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Roger Saunders

Global Managing Director
Prosper Business Development

Starbucks Takes Coffee to a Whole New, Expensive Level

November 30, 2012

Starbucks, the company that convinced consumers to pay more for coffee drinks than they had ever done before, is appealing to the small luxury mindset along with the allure of limited supply to get consumers to pay $7 for a 16-ounce cup of coffee. What do you think of Starbucks' marketing of Costa Rica Finca Palmilera coffee?      [more...]


Know anybody who has made a purchase of the "rare" vodka at $75 a bottle/the superb single malt at $200+, and then put a fruit salad in it? How about folks who have to have the designer jacket for $500, that we see 6 months later at TJ Maxx for $75? Does it amuse you to see someone buying a branded can of vegetables vs. generic can that is going into their homemade soup?

Viva la difference. And, good for Starbucks for extending their product line via exclusivity and a unique selling proposition.

As long as some government agency doesn't come along and rewrite the rules about how much they can charge, or have to pass out calorie instructions for those who might be challenged to figure things out, GO FOR IT !

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