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Chains Have Plans to Keep Americans Spending

November 29, 2012

Now that the consumption craziness associated with the Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday period is over, there is, of course, the continual barrage of great deals and discounts still out there. What do you think merchants need to do keep up the sales momentum created during the Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday period?      [more...]


With technology at our fingertips, and everyone knowing who has the lowest price on almost everything  there better be something really unique or a must have to keep the sales strong this year. I have plenty of friends who shop a few weeks after Christmas, getting 75% off all kinds of stuff, and using those items for gifts in 2013.

The last minute rush is inevitable for the slackers, which is profitable for all stores and outside of that, continuing to run the 50% off or more sales is the only way most consumers will even get excited about shopping these days. The online merchants also have changed the game forever, so for all of us in the game, Keep pushing hard, and hopefully you'll have some profits to put away to start the New Year.

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