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Roger Saunders

Global Managing Director
Prosper Business Development

Walmart Testing Same-Day Delivery

October 10, 2012

Walmart appears intent on blunting any advantage that Amazon.com might gain from expanding its same-day delivery service by testing a similar option of its own. Will same-day delivery service on a wide scale from either Amazon.com or Walmart be a game changer in retail?      [more...]


Those fortunate to being working are suffering from time poverty. The price of gasoline is impacting a shopping trips. And, the consumer continues to gain confidence in navigating the internet to shop, compare, and purchase.

The combination bodes well for same-day delivery of selected merchandise. Based on the June, 2012 BIGinsight Media Behaviors & Influence Study, 27.6% of American Adults purchase goods online "Regularly." That compares to 24.7% who said they purchased online regularly in June, 2006.

Walmart will need to listen to the consumer, however, and thoroughly understand them. Amazon still holds a dominant lead in terms of the website used most often for shopping -- 45.4%, compared to Walmart.com at 2.6% of respondents.

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