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Tom Redd

Global Vice President, Strategic Communications
SAP Global Retail Business Unit

Brick & Mortar Chains Aim High Online

November 28, 2012

In today's multi-channel retailing world, there certainly isn't anything unusual about traditional brick & mortar stores achieving significant growth online. In fact, some are among the biggest e-tailers in the world. Where are the greatest opportunities for brick & click retailers to grow their e-commerce businesses?      [more...]


For the store centered retailers (Bricks), the way to drive more business is to make sure that the mobile/web and store shopping environments are integrated. A #1 area to integrate around is price. The millennial and the traditional shoppers are centered on price.

#2 to integrate on is selling. All retailing platforms, from the mobile "screen" to the associate on a store floor, must be selling to the shopper—zooming in on their needs or desires. Last—deliver! Make the product available at the time the shopper wants it. Does this mean synch the supply chains or does it mean plan and assort better? Each retailer has their challenges.

Some real online/store/and mobile winners this year for me have been The Home Depot, REI, and Macy's. They all know their shoppers and are making the shopping process seamless across all the selling platforms. How do I know? They are eating up my "fun" money and my wife is either online at their sites or at their stores. My new son-in-law (pure Millennial and big on mobile shopping) found his first artificial Xmas tree at the Depot—after doing an online comparison on price and select manufacturers and social feedback.

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