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Mark Heckman

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Is the Time Right for Digital Shelf Tags?

February 21, 2013

Are the costs that come with implementing digital shelf tag technology justified when weighed against the expense associated with changing current labels every time prices change? Are digital shelf tags ready for retail prime time?      [more...]


The labor savings generated from ESLs have been documented and accepted for a number of years, but the ROI still was not strong enough for the huge capital outlay needed to install. Now, with technology improvements, particularly wireless capabilities, retailers are taking another look.

What should not be left out of the equation is the expanded use of ESLs to encompass broader digital messaging on end caps, an other locations throughout the store that could perhaps even interact with the shopper's mobile device. Clearly the momentum is heading towards reaching shoppers with targeted, relevant content at the point of decision. ESLs and companion digital technologies just might be the ticket for such interaction, not to mention expand the ROI beyond the labor savings associated with hanging today's paper tags.

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