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Ralph Jacobson

Global Retail Industry Analytics Marketing Executive

Chains Have Plans to Keep Americans Spending

November 29, 2012

Now that the consumption craziness associated with the Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday period is over, there is, of course, the continual barrage of great deals and discounts still out there. What do you think merchants need to do keep up the sales momentum created during the Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday period?      [more...]


Of course, the major issue is that more than likely, the consumer spending may have been spread across an extended weekend, and incremental sales might be hard to capture. However, overall Thanksgiving Weekend spending is up, so there is hope, at least in the US, for a good Holiday Season.

CPGs and retailers need to stay active, more than ever with their social listening efforts to spot trends in near real time. Also, better marketing collaboration with brands and stores helps drive overall value perception in shoppers' eyes.

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