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Best Buy CEO Says Chain Open for Showrooming

November 16, 2012

Best Buy shouldn't fear showrooming; it should embrace it. So says the chain's new CEO, Hubert Joly. According to an Associated Press report, Mr. Joly said consumers entering Best Buy stores to compare products and pricing represent an opportunity for the chain to grow its sales. How important is it for Best Buy to get showrooming consumers to buy in its stores?      [more...]


I could see that from a luxury retailer or a Nordstrom which are known for extensive attention to the customer, but BB? Ask anyone who'd shopped there and it is all about the extended warranty.

Up your customer service and that still doesn't stop showrooming -- they got all the information then scan and get the best of both worlds -- where is the profit for a struggling retailer to afford the best help?

I don't see how you both can price-match and double your operating margin, but good luck with that.

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