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Ken Lonyai

Digital Innovation Strategist, co-founder
ScreenPlay InterActive

Independents Deemed Mall-Worthy

December 3, 2012

While most malls largely support national stores, an upscale mall in Phoenix area is creating some room for a few local independents. What type of support structure may malls have to create to increase the likelihood of success for independents in malls?      [more...]


I'm not clear why the mall had to segregate these stores and give them an area that looked different. To me, that's a hindrance to their success, basically telling customers they are different or second tier.

All chains start out as a single store. So as long as they can afford to be in a mall, it seems like it's fast forwarding the possibility of a local store testing the waters to see if it has the "stuff" to attract investment and franchise or add company owned locations.

Short of making things financially feasible and helping with promotional efforts, I don't believe malls can do much other than screen local businesses very carefully before giving them space (if that's legal).

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