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Ryan Mathews

Founder, ceo
Black Monk Consulting

BrainTrust Query: The Incredible Dissolving Store

November 30, 2012

How should category management professionals adjust to a world with vastly more information and a good deal less control? The accompanying diagram identifies ten factors and sources to consider. How should category management adapt to the onslaught of mobile consumers and the influence of Big Data?      [more...]


The problem with real time data is that it often exists outside an immediate context. The problem with historical data is that ... well ... it's great for knowing what decisions you should have made in the past.

The issue with big data is that, by its nature, it resists the kind of forecastable analytics category managers are comfortable with. So, the first thing category managers need to rethink is what kinds of data are really necessary and how much data is sufficient.

Adjusting, in any meaningful way, to a world driven by big data will represent a radical way of approaching category management.

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